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I once looked up the Buenos Aires Herald english version and the result of the Germany — Argentine match was under the headline of Soccer Results. On the same page was a history of the game under the banner of History of Soccer. Even the main body governing the game up to 10 years ago was called the National Soccer League, now its the A League. Australian, Association, Amateur League? The Australian team is called the Socceroos. As a Mexican this story is Bullshit. They only mention Soccer if there is a section in the same area with American handegg articles aka American Football to differentiate them.

Example: Futbol Americano, Futbol Soccer.

See ESPN. People who call it soccer almost nonexistent are treated indifferently.

We even try to encourage Americans to call it football and not soccer. Yes, Melan Choly, for some reason there is a myth that Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth nations all call the game soccer, where you and me know this is not true. Well… the italians still call it Calcio, that is the name of their ancient sport… And noone complains about that. We are perfectly fine calling it soccer.

YOU are making it an issue. Heck, i have heard lots of people in germany call it soccer but no one cares.. It does not come from anywhere else in the world. You can only use your feet? I also use my hands to throw it, and a goalkeeper uses his hands to both catch and throw. So on what logical basis should we single out one body part and name the entire sport around it? If you have been playing Football for 31 years then you will know that an outfield player is not permitted to strike the ball with his or her hand or arm, this is clearly set out under Law 12 of the game.

Forget the horseback theory, there is no historical evidence to back up this fairly modern theory. John Savage Tomakin says: June 24, at am Actually, forget everything that I just said as I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. Some other clever monkey stole my screen name to do that.

At an early stage rugby split into two games, Rugby Union and Rugby League. The point of disagreement was wether players with jobs could be compensated for taking unpaid time off work to play. Rugby Union was strictly amateur until very recently and upper class, Rugby League had professionals and, particularly in some parts of Northern England, is a major working class game. Call it whatever you like, its still a boring game played by sissies. If you disagree with me, Ill fall on the ground and grab my knee and cry like a little girl until you get a yellow card.

To be able to play this newly emerged sport with no name north americans are swallowing anabolizants to call themselve tougher than any other nation! It looks that the same anabolizants are necesary to boost your ignorant consciousness, you could rename the european kind of football with the original latin name from BC if it crossed your retarded mind.

Who is the sissy when you take drugs to pump your muscles in the mirror?! Ever tried to be kicked on your legs with the crampons?! Ups you wont feel it due to the same drugs!!! Someone please send this article to John Cleese.

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He just made a short video ranting about American football, and postulating where we came up with the word. Padding was gradually added because so many young men were being killed playing American Football. Rugby features no pads because it features few hard hits. I did. A rematch at Princeton Nov.

The earliest recorded application of the word football to this is from You have so many sentences that do not make sense.

Portugal vs Argentina 2-2 - All Goals & Extended Highlights (Last Matches)

Do you know what a run on sentence is? You cut up the yanks, but you are so proud of your English language.

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Did you invent the language? A rose by any other rose is still a rose. Still upset that the yanks beat you in the World Cup? The article about the word soccer was not meant to get your knickers in a knot, just to show that perhaps, the term came from an Englishmen.

The 8 Greatest Last-Minute Goals In Football Movie History

Your writing is beyond boring. Ever here of a comma or short stop or pause, or what every your pompous dictionary says? I am English and your comments embarrass me. My grandfather faught with 'yanks's in WWII and as the old joke goes, if it wasn't for the yanks and Canadians you would be speaking German. Americans are descendents of England not all but many so in essence you are cutting up your hereitage.

Language changes over time. I am so sure that Portsmouth is pronounced 'Portsmiff' and in London 'three' is 'free'. I travel to America a lto and other countries and blokes like you are the reason people can be anti 'English'. I bet your dictionary is spelled' DICK-tionary! Had he focussed on france and britain instead of aiming for Russia, we would have been up shit creek, and nothing the americans did would have stopped it. For exactly that reason I fail to believe you are english — or at the very worst you must be english but ill-educated in history! Germany went into Poland, then turned around and marched through France, one front at a time.

Hitler was then free to attack Russia through Poland because for the time being he had won his war and was no longer fighting on any real front. Without American involvement in WWII, England would have continued to be bombed into oblivion and Hitler would have been able to fight Russia unopposed. He had already conquered Western Europe. Invade Russia unopposed? That was one of the turning points of the World War II.

Where the backbone of the German army was pretty much ruined trying to reach the oil in Russian soil. Secondly, it seems you have learnt your history of the war through watching too many Hollywood movies! Hitler then turned his attention to Operation Barbarossa, this was another important turning point of the war. Of course, bombings continued throughout the war by both the Luftwaffe and the RAF. Of course none of this has anything to with the subject of the name of football, people like you and Biff should leave the fantasties to Hollywood and leave your comments to the subject of the article.

The way you put it is that the U. S won the battles on their own! Savage, your name is quite fitting, you ever been outside of a library mate? Get a life man.

FIFA May Regret a Qatar World Cup After All

Go on. The term was often used in annual publications such as. It was also used by University and ex-Public School boys, but never by the majority of the people. The reason why the media used it was probably because the guy in charge of the sports at a tv company or at a newspaper or a publishing company had been to University or was an ex-Public School boy. Nice story about a game I love.

Now it makes sense, especially since it was formed in Some teams take a bus over a hundred miles every Sunday to play here. I applaud you for chronicling the long, rich tradition of the soccer name, but your comments seem contradictory. I think your all missing something, if soccer was derived from the Association Football — they surely the Football part of Association Football, predates the Soccer. Hence the game was known as football before soccer.

I am sure the word soccer is never used on the terraces in any stadium in the UK, and using the phrase on the terraces will show you for the fool you are. Daven, except that your answer, like your article, is wrong! Arthur: Unless that English person is over around ish years old. For me, in my opinion, i would call them all Football but in different set of rules and unique of play. American Football can be called also a Football, even most of the time, they use their hands, but, they can be able to use their feet if necessary.

And with their protective outfit in the body and the head. In Football Soccer, most of the time, they use their feet, but, they can be able to use their head and body if necessary. So, to eliminate the dispute, which those the real Football game, we can call it them Football but in different styles of play. The article simply tells a story why one part of the world is ignorant of the reality.

The whole world calls football — football.